Most facility managers know that a carpet requires thorough cleaning every month. It, after all, encompasses a large area and receives abundant traction, and the stains and dirt are noticeable.

But, other parts of the office seamlessly blend into the surroundings; thus, the filth accumulating remains neglected. Continue reading the post to know more.

1. Computers

The experts offering quality commercial cleaning services said that no one really thinks about computers right in the front. This is until you accidentally find a pile of dust bunnies behind one monitor.

As often you clean the desks and chairs, you must also move and wipe the computers. Doing so increases the service life of the computers, or in other words, keeps overheating and all other types of technical glitches at bay.

2. Telephones

Telephones are one of many things that we forget about when cleaning the office. They are something that people touch with their hands and to their faces, so wiping them down seems viable.

3. Blinds and Curtains

You clean the window panes but do you clean the curtains and blinds? When dusty and stained, they compel your entire office to look messy and hamper your impression in front of the clients.

4. Under the Chairs

The backs and the tops of the chairs get visibly icky, hence, cleaned properly, but one often overlooks the undersides. This is a bad idea because most of the dust builds down there. A quick wiping of the chair bottoms paves the way for a healthier workplace.

5. Microwave

The professionals offering quality yet affordable corporate cleaning services said nothing in an office gets abused more than a microwave. Spills and splatters are common occurrences that the employees, unfortunately, do not clean right away. When left for a prolonged period, a dirty microwave can habit harmful bacteria and generate obnoxious smells.

Dust and germs tend to lurk in places that we do not think much about. This is why make sure to evaluate the office and pay attention to the nooks and corners that remain mostly hidden.

6. Upholstery and Furniture

Whether it is a leather chair in the conference room or the couch in the lounge, office furniture manages to fly under the radar. People think if they do not look dirty, they do not need cleaning.

The furniture and cubicle partitions collect germs and debris regularly. They appear not only visually displeasing but also trigger allergic reactions. You would not want your employees to have a runny nose and red eyes, now would you?

By committing to cleaning regularly, the individuals will be able to enhance the entire outlook of the workplace and the health condition of the employees they have appointed.