Every year thousands of people relocate from their homes in Australia. Most families prefer living in cosmopolitan cities like Queensland because of the facilities. Interestingly, people tend to live in rental properties instead of buying homes because of the affordability factor. And there has been a great surge in demand for these properties.

If you already have a rental agreement, you must be aware that a tenant must maintain the property throughout the tenancy. You need to maintain proper cleanliness and other standards to get the bond’s full value. Along with following all the tips, hiring a professional company for bond cleaning in the Gold Coast is a must to get the best results.

Let’s begin!

  • Check Each and Everything Before You Enter the Apartment

Evaluating the entry condition report is extremely important. Check out the entry condition report with detailed reports for all the premises, like the condition of the walls, clean rooms, etc. If possible, take photographs of everything in the agreement to avoid conflict at the end of the tenancy.

Before you vacate, cross-check every detail and deliver the apartment in the same condition you got at the start of your tenancy. Get the walls sparkling clean, carpets should stain free, bathroom tiles and other areas of the house should be free from mould, etc.

  • Repair the Damaged Properties

In case you cause damage to any property in the apartment, the owner has the right to hold back the bond money, in some cases 100% of the same. You must fix the damage at your cost during the lease as a responsible tenant.

Look for every nook and crannies to ensure that there is no sign of damage. Hiring a professional expert can help you to detect all the damages that are not generally visible to laymen. This will certainly help you get your bond’s full value back.

  • Pay All Your Dues for Bills and Rents

Act like a responsible tenant, and don’t forget to clear all outstanding payments for electricity bills and rent before you end the tenancy. In case of dues, the landlord has the complete right to deduct money from the bond. Eventually, you will lose your hard-earned money.

  • Give Proper Notice Before You Leave

If you breach the tenancy agreement, you won’t be able to get the fll bond money back at the end of the tenancy. You must notify the owner or the landlord at least a month before moving out. This will enable the owner to look for a new tenant.

  • Hire Experts for Thorough Bond Cleaning

If you are concerned about your bond money, you must hire professionals offering bond cleaning on the Gold Coast. Tenants often inspect the apartment before you vacate it, and professional bond cleaners can help you to get the best results.

The professionals are experts in removing dust, cleaning the kitchen and other parts of the house without using chemicals, remove stains using eco-friendly products. The experts follow an approved checklist and ensure that no corner is missing.

Starting from windows to ceiling fans, blinds to kitchen appliances, bathroom tiles to carpets, everything will be thoroughly cleaned to make it ready for the final inspection and to impress your landlord. End-of-lease cleaning entails so many aspects, and it gets difficult for us to deal with the errands. Make sure to hire professional cleaning contractors in the Gold Coast to have a thorough cleaning as well as inspection of the apartment to have peace of mind. It’s better not to get into unwanted conflicts or complications. And hopefully, the tips discussed above will help you to get 100% value of the bond money back.

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